Piping Perfect solutions are our benchmark

We find you the best possible solution for optimum functionality, speed of deployment and convenience. VOSWINKEL not only produces piping and distributors according to precise specifications, but also supports the customer with consultancy, optimization and design of complex piping systems. This results in many advantages for the customer:

  • Products for any requirement and a wide array of technical specifications
  • Reduction in screw-connected parts > reduction in variety of parts
  • Less effort in terms of scheduling
  • Reduction in connection - screw-connection points > reduction in potential leakage points
  • Reduction in installation effort > reduction in costs
  • Neat, appealing design and simplification of cleaning and maintenance
  • On request, prefabrication for short delivery times and flexible warehouse keeping
With a holistic approach, the customer always has a cost advantage in this case, regardless of where the saving is made!

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