• Max. 420 bars operating pressure
  • Zinc-nickel surface
  • Hook wrench drillings in BG 6 and BG 8


Screw-to-Connect Couplings

Pipeline couplings of the RK/RH series are used for flawless connection of hydraulic lines without the inclusion of air and permit separation without any loss of medium.

This series is particulary convenient for rugged application. To guarantee an optimum of durability as well as no leakage during the application, it is necessary to screw or rather connect the female and the male part till to the block.

Due to design modifications it is now possible (depends on size) to charge the male and female side by being disconnected with pressure up to 420 bar / 6090 PSI, without destroying any components.

Working Pressure
420 bar / 42 MPa / 6090 PSI

The indicated pressure ratings only apply to the coupling itself and depend on the connection type.

Working Temperature
-20° C ... +100° C / -4° F ... +212° F

Connection under pressure
Possible (under low residual pressure)


Surface Finishing

Standard Seal Material(s)
NBR (Buna-N®), PTFE

Alternative seal materials are available on request.

Type BG NW Working pressure Bursting pressure
connected Female body Male tip
RH 08 2 10 6092 psi 23206 psi 23206 psi 23206 psi
RH 12 3 12.5 6092 psi 18275 psi 18275 psi 18275 psi
RH 16 4 16 6092 psi 18275 psi 18275 psi 18275 psi
RK 20 6 19 5076 psi 14504 psi 14504 psi 17405 psi
RH 25 8 25 6092 psi 16679 psi 15954 psi 13053 psi

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