• High flow rates until max. 1000 l/min / 264 US GPM
  • Maximum pulse strength
  • Zinc/nickel surface for best resistance against corrosion
  • Patented valve unit


Screw-to-Connect Couplings

The heavy duty coupling series PS belongs to the category of screw-on type couplings and has been developed especially for the hammer application at construction machines.

It is designed especially for working with high volume flow rates and ensures a low delta p by having an optimum flow. For this special application, it has to be ensured that the function and the material of the couplings must be absolutely resistant in case of highest mechanical load.

The patented valve design of the screw-on type coupling ensures that the sealing can’t be rinse out by the volume flow rate. It can handle and resist high and strong impulses, such which appear in the hammer application.

Working Pressure
380 bar / 38 MPa / 5511 PSI

The indicated pressure ratings only apply to the coupling itself and depend on the connection type.

Working Temperature
-20° C ... +100° C / -4° F ... +212° F


Surface Finishing

Standard Seal Material(s)
HNBR, FKM (Viton®), PTFE

Alternative seal materials are available on request.

Type BG NW Working pressure Bursting pressure
connected Female body Male tip
PS 32 10 31.5 5511 psi 22046 psi 22046 psi 22046 psi

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