• Impossible to confuse and quick to connect
  • Customized productions according to customer requirements possible


The practical multi-coupling

The multi-coupling QUICKVOSTM has been created for connecting and disconnecting several hydraulic lines. This is done by an operating lever the guide crank of which is designed for a minimum of operating force. The connection of the hydraulic lines is done with flat face couplings. It is possible by special seals to couple against trapped pressure on the male halves.

The main features of the multi coupling are: safety against commutability of hydraulic lines, quick connecting, coupling against trapped pressure and optimally minimized leakage during coupling process.

The following list shows the spare parts available for the line of QUICKVOSTM products. They are supplied in form of kits, including detailed removal and installation instructions:

Type BG NW Working pressure Bursting pressure
connected Female body Male tip
MK 24 2 10 3626 psi 14504 psi 14504 psi 14504 psi
MK 74 2 10 3626 psi 14504 psi 14504 psi 14504 psi