• For particularly high operating pressures
  • Valve opening “on block”
  • Robust construction
  • Self-locking connecting thread


The tried and trusted screw-on type coupling

Screw-type couplings of the HS series are coupled by simply screwing the carrier and probe halves together until the thread contacts the limit stop. The coupling is designed to open both valves “en bloc“ in this position. For this reason, and due to their rugged design, they are particularly well suited for heavy-duty service conditions in construction machinery. The range of operating pressures of this series is higher than that of the HP series.

Screw-type couplings of the HS series can be coupled on both sides under pressure of up to 50 bar. The self-locking connection thread prevents any disengagement of the screw connection caused by vibrations. The screw sleeve of the probe, when correctly locked, must cover the black brake ring of the carrier.

Our well-balanced range of products offers a wide spectrum of couplings for hydraulic systems for construction equipment and vehicles as well as for agricultural machinery. Owing to the modular design, a large variety of connections conforming to international standards is available.

The couplings of the HS series are available made from stainless steel, too.

Type BG NW Working pressure Bursting pressure
connected Female body Male tip
HS 04 1 6.3 6527 psi 26107 psi 20305 psi 20305 psi
HS 08 2 10 6527 psi 23206 psi 25382 psi 22481 psi
HS 10 3 12.5 5802 psi 20305 psi 17405 psi 17405 psi
HS 12 6 19 5802 psi 21756 psi 23206 psi 17405 psi
HS 20 8 25 4351 psi 17114 psi 21756 psi 15954 psi
HS 25 12 38 4351 psi 26107 psi 23206 psi 17405 psi

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