• Max. operating pressure 350 bars
  • Hammerable
  • Stainless steel



Dimensions of FH-VA series according to ISO 16028. Available in size 10, 12 and 19. The FKM sealing admits an operating temperature from – 25°C to +200 °C.

The stainless steel version is resistant to aggressive environment and flow mediums. In case of using the coupling for aggressive medium a definition of qualified sealing is indispensable.

Type BG NW Working pressure Bursting pressure
connected Female body Male tip
FH 10-VA 2 10 3626 psi 18855 psi 10878 psi 14504 psi
FH 12-VA 3 12.5 3626 psi 18855 psi 10878 psi 14504 psi
FH 19-VA 6 19 3626 psi 18855 psi 10878 psi 14504 psi

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