ECOVOS with mobile interlocking protection

More space in the warehouse and service vehicles – The mobile interlocking protection from VOSWINKEL turns a standard ECOVOS fitting into an interlock fitting in no time at all, thereby avoiding double warehousekeeping.

Up to now, special accessories have been necessary for interlocking hose connections. In order to ensure rapid delivery, all nominal widths must be kept available in duplicate, one as a standard version and one as an interlock version. With the mobile interlocking protection, only standard ECOVOS fittings are now required.

Drastic reduction in warehousing

The number of components now to be kept on hand is thereby reduced by more than 50 %. Ranging from textile hoses, including peeled and unpeeled hoses with wire mesh to interlock applications with a multispiral hose, the same now applies: a single fitting for all applications. For the initial equipment of new sites, this means: maximum coverage with few components, reduction in investments costs for initial equipment and warehouse.

Optimally suited for mobile workshops

Hydraulic express service with mobile workshops particularly benefits from the new system. On the one hand as a result of the gain in space in the emergency vehicles, on the other hand through the ability to cover with the modular system a product range that was hitherto inconceivable. A gain in flexibility and rapidity to the customers advantage is guaranteed.

Part Number
10037-16 16 20,0 19,5 7,5
10037-20 19 24,0 22,5 9,5
10037-25 25 30,0 29,1 9,5
10037-32 31 37,4 36,1 11,5
10037-40* 38 43,8 42,4 15,5
10037-50* 51 56 52,6 15,5

Installation of the mobile interlocking protection

Simple and quick to use: with the appropriate accessory, configuration is no trouble at all. The installation devices are precisely adapted to the respective standard size. The mobile interlocking protection is pushed over the conical bush using the plastic slide until it reaches the end position where it engages securely with a positive fit. Crimping with a peeled hose and socket is subsequently performed as usual with the same tools and machines.

Maximum flexibility or particularly rational manufacture? The choice is yours.

With an ECOVOS standard fitting, interlocking protection and the appropriate bush from the ECOVOS+ range, you can configure your own interlocking hose connection while remaining flexible. For large-scale applications for which particularly rational manufacture is essential, ECOVOS+ fittings with a turned securing ring are furthermore available. The socket used is the same for both versions. Whatever version you decide on: the result is always interlocking hose connections of highest quality and reliability.

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