Permanently sealed – regardless of material pairingECOVOS-hose fitting with block stop

There are recurrent leakage in sealing of the tightened hydraulic components. But the ECOVOS-hose fitting with block stop clearly indicates end of mounting.

The essential difference of ECOVOS-hose fitting with block stop to the conventional metric fittings is the well-defined gap width of the end face of the components to be screwed.

The result of this gap is a metallic contact of the end faces and the fitting conus area after screwing with a specified tightening torque. Thus the complete sealing function is ensured steadily &ndash even after multiple loosening and tightening. It is not possible to overtighten the tightening torque.

The block stop has following advantages:

  • A plastic deformation of both cones will be prevented
  • The necessary pretension is present and thus the risk of a leak will be avoided
  • Prevents problems as a result of threaded connections consisting of material with different tensile strength and same assembling parameters
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